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Rainbow Parke Drive

Here are the events and how they unfolded on 10/26/23 when I was trying to come out for the confirmed appointment at this property.

This review seems to have taken our rating from a 4.3 to a 4.2, which still shows that we have a good rating, as we do work hard to help people with their appliance troubles. In this case, we were actually trying to be out within 24 hours of getting their work order from the warranty. However, if someone says that they will be home and we drive to their property just for them say they are not actually home, it does not mean we can put the rest of the day on hold for them.
10:51 I report that I am getting to my previous job that is near them, just as we state when the office originally scheduled the appointment.
10:53 Confirms that they are home
11:43 As soon as I pull up, they say that they are not at home now
11:45 They say to give them 10 minutes to get home. From past experience, "10 minutes" usually means 20-30 minutes. Given this, if someone is not home we do not wait due to many bad situations in the past of people saying they are just a few minutes away when that is not true. This is why we ask for confirmation that someone is home before heading to the property. This person said that they will be home, which is why I went to the property. Just to be told as soon as I arrive that they actually are not home
Below is the screen shot from our routing software. You can see the black point of the GPS mark at 11:40. 

You can see the next point is at the property, labeled as 2 as it was my second stop of the day, on Rainbow Parke. You can see that it would be about a 3 minute drive from the previous GPS point at 11:40, putting me there at 11:43 - which is when I received the text that the person actually was not home.

This review states that they could not see me on their camera. This is because I did not come to the door. I received their text as soon as I pulled up stating they were not home, so I had no reason to get out of my truck and knock on the door if no one was home.
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