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Appliance Inspections

We offer appliance inspections at properties, which are helpful in a few areas:


This service is valuable to use in between tenants.

There will be a record of the condition and operation of the appliances to know which tenant is responsible for causing a failure or for not reporting a failure to have it repaired prior to the next tenant moving in.

If an old tenant moves out and there was a record of what was working or not working, it will be known what the old tenant is responsible for.


If this service was not used prior to you moving in, you can use it to know how the appliances are operating prior to moving in.

Often, the previous tenant might not have reported a failure and you might move in to something not working, or there might not be proof something was already having an issue prior to you moving to the property and you may take the blame.

Home Sellers

Having your appliances inspected in the early stages of the sales process is a good way to find any problems before they are found later by the home inspector, which could postpone the sale if problems are found later in the sales process and not at the beginning.

Finding issues early will leave more time to get them repaired instead of it being more urgent trying to make a sale happen and losing more money having to replace an appliance or discount the sales price and have the buyer purchase an appliance later.

Home Buyers

This would be equivalent to a PPI, Pre Purchase Inspection, for a used car. This service can be used earlier in the sales process before the home inspector is out. This will give more time for any appliance issues to be sorted out prior to the more hectic ending of trying to make a deal when there are tighter time constraints.

Also, our inspection is specific for appliances and may be more thorough than what a home inspector may be inspecting since they are also having to cover the full property.

We will email a detailed PDF of the inspection to your email once the inspection is done.

Please fill out  the Appliance Inspection form below

Appliance Inspections:   $125

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Appliance Inspections

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