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Routine Appliance Maintenance Tips

Last updated : 12/30/2020
Normal Use

Normal Use

:. Completely clean the lint filter of the dryer before/after
   EVERY load.

:. You should not overload the washer, so overloading the
   dryer should not be an issue.

Routin Maintenance

Routine Maintenance

:. If you can feel that your dryer is still getting hot but clothes
   do not seem to be drying well it is a good sign that you
   might need your vents professionally cleaned. Lint build
   up will block the moisture from leaving the clothes so the
   moisture will stay in the clothes and make them damp.
   Often the sign will be that the clothes will be warm when
   you open the dryer door but still damp. Dirty venting is a
   performance issue but all the lint is extremely flammable
   and there is a possibility of a house fire from it.
   Restricted venting will also make lint build up inside the
   dryer making lint build up get on and around the heating

:. Do not push the dryer back and crush the exhaust vent.
   It is tempting to push the washer and dryer all the way
   back against the wall in order to give more floor space
   inside the laundry room but doing this will crush the dryer
   venting causing excessive lint build up inside the dryer,
   worse drying performance, and more wear and tear on the
   internal fuses and heating element and components.



:. Depending on amount of use, dryer and dryer vents
   through the house should be professionally cleaned every
   1-3 years to help performance and prevent lint fires.


Routine Appliance Maintenance Tips

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