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Routine Appliance Maintenance Tips

Last updated : 12/30/2020

Normal Use


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Routine Appliance Maintenance Tips

Last updated : 12/30/2020
We highly recommend to not use the self clean feature on wall ovens

Normal Use

:. Keep units as clean as possible, like trying to 
   clean crumbs and grease as much as possible
   during normal use or in between uses.



:. Microwaves :  
   Use a microwave-safe cover over the food to help
   prevent splatters inside of unit. Try to keep the
   inside clean.


:. Ovens:
   Thermometers placed inside the oven are not a
   good way to measure internal oven temperatures.
   They can be highly misleading. 

   Read this webpage for more information from GE
   (which would apply to any manufacturer)       Click for full article

     Some clips of the article are:

      ** "When using recipes you've used for a long time, differences in timing or
           cooking performance between an old and a new oven are not unusual. For the first
           few uses, follow your recipe times and temperatures carefully and use the rack
           positions recommended in the Cooking Guide in your manual."

      ** "If you are following your recipe times and temperatures carefully and still think your
           new oven is too hot or too cold, you can adjust the temperature yourself to meet
           your specific cooking preference."

     **"The amount the oven will cycle higher or lower than the set temperature will vary and
         each individual unit can be different."


Routine Maintenance

:. Ranges/Stoves: 

   Try to periodically pull the range out enough to
   clean the sides of the range. It can get a bit
   nasty over the years with food spilling.

   Be careful cleaning with liquid cleaners around
   the knobs as the liquids can get to the switches
   below the knobs and cause damage. Also, with
   gas cooktops, the spark module or igniter
   harness can become wet and make it constantly
   "click" or spark the igniters. If this is happened
   remove power from the unit and see if it dries up
   in a day or two. Sometimes if this is occurring it
   will dry up and stop. If it does not stop after
   allowing to dry for a few days there might be an
   actual issue.

:. Wall ovens:
   Many times using self clean will blow a fuse. This
   might result in the display not coming on or the
   oven not heating, or both. 

   The entire oven usually must be removed from the
   wall to replace these fuses. To help avoid this and
   a costly repair, avoid using self clean and clean
   oven with a cleaning product, such as the "Easy-
   Off Heavy Duty Oven & Grill Cleaner" aerosol
   spray, use as directed.


Routine Appliance Maintenance Tips